RInglefinch stand in a line outside a log cabin, looking at the camera.

“Like Bellowhead before them, they’re just one appearance on Later With… away from becoming nationwide favourites.”

– Metaphorical Boat

It shouldn’t work, it really shouldn’t. A seven-piece acoustic band harnessing influences as diverse as trad folk, indie rock, classical, gypsy jazz and old-time to forge a unique-yet-classic alternative folk sound? It shouldn’t work. Yet with over a quarter of a million plays on SoundCloud alone, and with a reputation for ferociously entertaining live shows cemented by some 90 gigs across the UK, London alternative folk band Ringlefinch are proof that although it shouldn’t work – it really does.


Since emerging in 2013, Ringlefinch have developed a style all their own. With two EPs (2014’s Mass Trespass, produced by Radio 2 Folk Award Winner Ben Walker, and 2019’s Gory Stories) and a film soundtrack under their belts, their energetic 30-string sound has been described variously as “a lovely heartwarming clusterpluck” and “joyful, joyful rambunctious glory!”. A core part of the London alternative folk scene, they’ve spent the last couple of years building their own studio and recording their debut album Tall Tales – released in June 2021 by highly-regarded boutique label Folkroom Records.


Dark-humoured, wittily introspective lyrics set to upbeat, quirky earworm tunes – the toe-tapping rhythms of swing and jazz manouche, but with a thoroughly folk sensibility – exciting, rabble-rousing live shows, peppered with moments of genuine tenderness and uplifting beauty – this is one musical casserole that’s far more than the sum of its ingredients.


  • Andy Logan: lead vocals, ukulele, tenor banjo, charango, melodica, percussion
  •  Arun Entwistle: acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  •  Emma Hamilton: cello, backing vocals
  •  Graham Parrish: bass guitar, backing vocals
  •  Nicole Teszke: violin, backing vocals
  •  Philip Briggs: mandolin, backing vocals
  •  William Rengifo: cajon, percussion, backing vocals, foley