June 14, 2013 in News

Wanted: Fiddler…


…roof optional.

Ringlefinch are looking for a fiddle player while Rosie is off on maternity leave (congrats!). Rosie brought lashings of magical viola to the Ringlefinch fun-cake which we desperately miss, so if you or anyone you anyone know plays viola or violin and is interested in playing some London-based folky swing, please get in touch! Tremendous musical adventures await…

> band@ringlefinch.co.uk

> facebook.com/RinglefinchUK

> twitter.com/RinglefinchUK

Spread the word!

June 12, 2013 in Videos

Folkroom video

Here’s a video of us playing “Just Enough Rope” at the Folkroom gig on 5th June. It was a grand night and we’re all still buzzing! Now you can buzz too:

June 11, 2013 in Videos

Moving pictures that speak!

In April we played a set at a party in Deptford. It was a great night, and a tremendously fun crowd! Here’s the opening number, “Drink Alone”…


And here’s a video by our friends Gyre & Gimble, a simultaneous English / German cover of the old classic ‘Lilli Marlene’:

June 8, 2013 in News

Gig News

We’ve got a number of gigs coming up around London over the next few months, and more in the pipeline (including one ON A BOAT – but we can’t say any more just yet about that one…). Our next gig is on 26th July in Camden – you can seeat a glance what we’ve got coming up using the ‘Next Shows’ widget at the bottom right – full details are on the “Shows” page.

Hope to see you there! Bonus points if you bring friends…

June 8, 2013 in Our Spotify playlists

We like music,

which is why we make it. We also love to listen to it, so every once in a while one of us will post a Spotify playlist up here, of a few things that are tickling our interest at the moment. To kick things off, here’s an eclectic list to help get you through Sunday afternoon:

Sunday ditties