December 21, 2013 in Blog, Our Spotify playlists

Ringlefinch Listens: Christmas Edition!

Hello hello! How are you? Presents bought, tree up, wine mulled and pies minced? Or scrambling round Westfield trying desperately to remember who's supposed to be getting what, and did I get those socks for Dad last year, and where on earth can I get a tree now? Think you can guess where we are…

August 9, 2013 in Our Spotify playlists

Ringlefinch Listens: Volume 2

In advance of our gig at the Harrison on 14th August, and the Good Ship on 23rd August, here’s a present! A new spotify playlist for you, inspired by an August that is frankly behaving a bit like April. Tsk tsk, Great British Summer, tsk tsk. It’s another eclectic mix, though perhaps not quite as

July 8, 2013 in Our Spotify playlists

Ringlefinch Listens: Volume 1

Howdy! We’ve got some fairly eclectic musical tastes as bands go. Andy’s taste is some of the most eclectic, and he’s put together a short detour through some of the more blissful, surreal and frankly worrisome recesses of his music box. We hope you enjoy! Or at least, find it illuminating… Ringlefinch listens – Vol

June 8, 2013 in Our Spotify playlists

We like music,

which is why we make it. We also love to listen to it, so every once in a while one of us will post a Spotify playlist up here, of a few things that are tickling our interest at the moment. To kick things off, here’s an eclectic list to help get you through Sunday