May 19, 2018 in Blog

Doing It Yourself in the Digital Age

2018! It’s an exciting time for music.  The industry has changed beyond all recognition over the last 20 years,  as the Internet has changed how we find and listen to music and big record labels have scrambled to react. In many ways, it’s harder for bands to make a great album these days as labels

December 21, 2013 in Blog, Our Spotify playlists

Ringlefinch Listens: Christmas Edition!

Hello hello! How are you? Presents bought, tree up, wine mulled and pies minced? Or scrambling round Westfield trying desperately to remember who's supposed to be getting what, and did I get those socks for Dad last year, and where on earth can I get a tree now? Think you can guess where we are…

June 27, 2013 in Blog


Pottered down to the Slaughtered Lamb this evening to catch Sophie Jamieson’s “Where” EP launch. She played an absolutely spellbinding set – hauntingly spare, powerfully affecting songs cut with endearingly shy banter. A stunning voice as both a singer and a songwriter. If you’ve not checked her out yet, her latest single Waterloo is here:

June 8, 2013 in Blog

To blog, or…

Well, just to blog in the end! We all like a good chinwag, and a good think, so every few weeks we’ll sit down and pour our unpasteurised thought-milk into the empty pail of the Internet in time-honoured blog type fashion. We’ll do our best to keep them interesting, vaguely relevant, and occasionally even entertaining…